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8 Top Benefits of Custom Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a custom option for manufacturing parts, and can be much more versatile than other types of plastic molding. This more efficient approach allows for flexibility in creating exactly what is necessary for a project. Custom injection molding can be  cost-effective for everyone and works for products from display cases to appliance parts to electronics to sports equipment.

So, what does the process look like? And what are the benefits? Here is your guide to custom injection molding.

What Is Custom Injection Molding?

Custom injection molding is the go-to process when you need a high volume of parts and are looking for low costs per unit. It simplifies the way products are made, and plastic parts can be completely customized to each customer’s needs. 

Injection molding allows parts to be manufactured quickly, even when they require the most complex structure and geometry.

The Injection Molding Process

The process starts with designing the plastic product, considering the necessary function of the end result:

  • Will it have to hold a lot of weight?
  • What other types of parts will it have to integrate with?
  • Is strength the top priority?
  • How many need to be manufactured? 
  • Is color a factor?

Once these questions are answered, the mold is designed to make the part exactly as drawn. This can take anywhere from one month to 6 months depending on the size and complexity of the part or mold.

The mold is then sampled and parts are sent to the customer for approval. Once the part is approved, production can begin.

The process involves melting plastic pellets and injecting them into the mold. Once the material is in, pressure holds the mold closed while water flows through. This is what solidifies the part. When this is complete, the mold opens and the part is ejected. 

This streamlined process ensures that the final product is created just as it was planned. It allows for the exact desired shape and detail to be created. Custom injection molding makes all of this happen in a short amount of time, making it one of the most efficient manufacturing processes around.

8 Benefits of Custom Injection Molding

there are numerous benefits to custom injection molding.
there are numerous benefits to custom injection molding.

Now that you understand a bit about how it works, you need to know why you’d choose this option over other plastic molding approaches. What makes it work so well? Let’s walk through eight important benefits of custom injection molding that other options don’t deliver.

1. Stronger Parts 

You need strong parts that you know won’t bend or break.With proper mold/part design and material selection, plastic injection molding delivers strength that can equal steel. 

More durable products will last for years without deteriorating or breaking. You don’t have time to spend worrying about whether a product is going to last. Custom injection molding can give you some peace of mind.

2. Cost-Effective

Plastic injection molding requires very little labor, so it’s extremely cost-effective. The technology and required machinery do most of the work. And those savings don’t stop with the manufacturer. When a process becomes more efficient, and time and money are saved, everyone ends up benefiting financially, including the customer. Keep in mind that no two projects are the same. Working with a plastic manufacturing company who understands the in’s and out’s is important. Click here to learn more about what goes into the costs of custom injection molding.

3. Produce Large Quantities

With greater efficiency comes opportunity for greater production. When you need a solution for large quantities of products, custom injection molding allows you to customize and get the amounts you need, no matter how large your order.

4. Various Shapes and Sizes

One of the biggest benefits of plastic injection molding is that it can be completely customized to any shape or size. 

When a product shape is a bit more complicated, this is the most cost-effective method to use. Injection molding makes it possible for the customer to have almost any shape desired. Of course there are some minor exceptions, such as bottles or undercuts inside a shape. 

5. More Product Details

Plastic injection molding involves an innovative process using high-pressure manufacturing. This leads to new opportunities— including detailed, intricate designs and shapes within the products. 

Before this technology, it took a lot of time and energy to create such complicated designs in plastic products, and the end result was more expensive for customers.

6. Faster Production

If feasible, a multi cavity mold will allow for faster production of parts. For example, a two- cavity mold will produce twice as many parts as a one cavity (also called a single-cavity mold) in the same amount of time. At Pioneer Plastics, we have molds that can produce 16 parts at a time which really increases production and lowers per part cost

7. Material Flexibility

There are many types of resins to choose from. Understanding how your product will be used and what properties are needed are key factors in choosing the right resin. Does your product need to be rigid or flexible? Clear or solid color? Is chemical resistance important?

8. Color Matching

Using plastics means you have more color options than when you use other materials. You can customize the end result to whatever color will make the part blend in with the surroundings and other structural elements. 

Color matches will add to the cost of the process, so make sure you budget for that extra charge if color is a priority for your products. 

These eight benefits indicate just how effective and innovative plastic injection molding is in a variety of industries. Both manufacturers and customers save money, processes are faster, greater quantities can be produced, and designs are more flexible based on needs.

Trust Pioneer Plastics for Custom Injection Molding‌

As you’re getting started with plastic products, you need the right partner to ensure your custom injection molding projects are taken on by experienced professionals. The team at Pioneer Plastics specializes in plastic part design and mold transfer work if you are not happy with your current supplier. 

We’ve been a custom plastic parts manufacturer for over 30 years, and we’ve learned the best ways to keep the plastic injection molding process simple. We make sure you understand how the process will work and that you know all of your options.

Contact the team at Pioneer Plastics today to learn more about our custom injection molding design and manufacturing services.

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