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Custom Injection Molding Design & Manufacturing

We offer substantial savings on money and time.
Let us help you bring your custom injection molding services back to the United States.

Pioneer Plastics is a turnkey injection molder and produces everything in the United States – no international trade/shipping concerns. We are equipped to take your part from concept to consumer.

Our in-house tooling and design experts handle custom injection molding and plastic part design with quality and precision, lowering your labor costs, saving you time and money. 

For more than 35 years, we’ve been experts in understanding the complexities of various plastic needs for our clients.


We Design It

We work through design and details to simplify your plastic product, always thinking about the end use for when it comes time to assemble.


We Mold It

Our in-house rapid prototyping, custom plastic injection mold design, mold making, and production of tools give your company the ability to transform your project from concept to reality.


We Ship It

Pioneer is the industry leader for plastic product distribution and shipping. We ship your finalized product directly to you, your consumers, or your retail partners.

Your Questions Answered

What is the minimum number of units required for a new molding project? 

Due to the high cost of the mold ($10,000 – $200,000), injection molding is typically a good choice if you need a higher volume/quantity of your part. If you only need 100 parts, injection molding may not be right for you. This depends on your budget and how critical the part design is to your project’s success.


How long does it take to build a new mold?

Depending on the complexity of the part, the number of cavities, parts in the mold, and the size of the mold, it can take anywhere from 2 to 26 weeks to build a new mold.


Will the molds for my part be maintained between production runs?

Yes, all molds at Pioneer Plastics are on a PM (preventive maintenance) schedule.

Learn More About Our Services

Plastic part design is our specialty. We can take your idea from a thought to a finished part in a very short amount of time.


We’ve served numerous national and regional clients for more than 35 years. We go beyond what’s required to make it clear that we value our clients’ businesses and ideas.

The Service Molding Team

The Service Molding Team was formed in the early 1990’s, and now with nearly 3,000 service molds, we’ve become the go-to source for molded aftermarket parts for a variety of industries.

Mold & Part Design

You’ve conceptualized your product. Now let’s design it. Pioneer has the background, expertise, and ability to create the highest-quality design for your custom injection molded product.

Engineering Services

Pioneer’s in-house tool and die shop, Collins Engineering, Inc., can service current tools and create custom tools for your innovative product ideas. 

Prototyping & Production Manufacturing

Our in-house rapid prototyping, custom plastic injection mold design and production of tools give your company the ability to transform your project from concept to reality.​

Additional Services

Pioneer’s expert injection molding team can turn your initial investment into substantial profit with an expertly crafted plastic prototype and final manufactured product.

Pioneer has numerous clients that have been with us 20+ years, some over 30 years.​

We place a high demand on client retention. We understand how difficult customers are to find within the injection molding industry, and how important they are to keep. We strive to go above what's required to make sure our clients know we value their business.

Rapid Prototyping and Mold Design

Turn your investment into profit with an expertly-crafted prototype. We educate you on the available options so that you know exactly what to expect at every step of the molding process. Tell us more about your project needs today.