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1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases

Are you a passionate collector of 1/43 scale diecast automobiles searching for a remarkable way to showcase your car collection? A 1/43 scale diecast display case is an ideal solution for safeguarding and displaying your collection, while infusing any room with a touch of uniqueness. Crafted with crystal clear plastic, our 1/43 scale display cases are available in various styles and are stackable. Designed to protect your valuable investment from dust and potential damage, these cases are a must-have for serious collectors.

SKU: 143C-BC
per carton (Qty: 12)
Price per item: $4.19
Inner dimensions: 6.17” x 2.59” x 2.12”
SKU: 143C-BB
per carton (Qty: 12)
Price per item: $4.20
Inner dimensions: 6.17” x 2.59” x 2.12”

1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases FAQs

Answer: The 1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases provided by Pioneer Plastics have standard inside dimensions of approximately 6.17″ in length, 2.59″ in width, and 2.12″ in height. This precisely calculated space ensures there is ample room to display your prized diecast models without them appearing cramped or squeezed. Our display case design ensures that each display piece fits perfectly within the allotted space, showcasing each model’s intricate details and maintaining the aesthetics of the display.

Absolutely, the diecast display cases at Pioneer Plastics are cleverly designed with a stackable feature. This means you can place one case atop another without compromising stability or safety – a great space-saving solution for collectors. The cases are precision-engineered to fit seamlessly together, allowing them to stack securely, reducing the risk of toppling or damage to your valuable collectibles. This design not only facilitates easy storage but also turns the process of showcasing your collection into a display of art itself. It is an efficient and visually appealing way to manage expanding collections, as you can simply add more cases to the stack as your collection grows.

Pioneer Plastics’ 1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases are manufactured from premium, high-grade, clear plastic material. This carefully chosen material provides a sturdy and durable structure that protects your collectibles from damage. At the same time, the clear nature of the plastic ensures an unobstructed, clean view of the collectible inside from every angle.

Yes, our 1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases are designed with integrated bases. We offer two main options to fit the aesthetic preferences of our customers: a clear base or a solid black base.

The transparent base is ideal for those who desire an unobstructed, 360-degree view of their prized collectibles. Its clean and high-quality acrylic structure almost disappears, creating the illusion that your item is floating, thus accentuating the details of your collectible.

On the other hand, the solid black base offers a striking contrast, helping your diecast models to prominently stand out. This base is perfect for collectors who wish to add an aesthetic edge to their displays or highlight specific attributes of their collectibles.

Absolutely, at Pioneer Plastics we’re fully equipped to handle bulk orders for our 1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases. Our production capacity enables us to meet the demands of our customers, whether they’re large businesses or individual collectors who need a substantial quantity.

When placing a bulk order, our dedicated customer service team can provide you with all necessary information regarding bulk pricing, production timelines, and delivery schedules. We can also address any specific queries or concerns you may have about bulk ordering.

Absolutely, versatility is a key feature of our 1/43 Scale Diecast Display Cases. These cases are not limited to displaying diecast models only. They can accommodate any small to medium-sized collectible items with just as much elegance and charm.

Yes, we offer 1/43 scale diecast display cases with UV protection. This added feature helps shield your valuable collectibles from harmful ultraviolet radiation which over time can cause discoloration or degradation, especially in sunlight-exposed areas. UV protection is critical in maintaining the vibrancy and integrity of your collection, ensuring your items remain in pristine condition for years to come. Please specify your preference for UV protection when placing your order.