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Home & Industrial Appliance Industry

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Industrial & Home Appliance Short Run Replacement Parts

Pioneer Plastics serves the appliance industry amongst others by producing short run plastic replacement parts in a timely manner. We specialize in short run production and take in all of your old/abandoned molds and treat them with the respect they deserve so you never have to wait for your parts.

Our replacement part service work at Pioneer Plastics and commitment to prioritizing your orders, ensures that every plastic part is provided in a timely manner. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction allows us to be a trusted partner for the home appliance industry, helping your keep their products in top condition and consumers enjoy the convenience of their appliances for years to come.


With 40 years of experience under our belt, Pioneer Plastics has been a trusted leader in producing plastic replacement parts for the appliance industry and others.


Pioneer Plastics offers unmatched flexibility for short run plastic parts, with our ability to manage tools for easy retrieval and quick mold changes.

Fast Turnarounds

We excel in managing molds and executing quick mold changes, specializing in fast turnarounds for short run productions of plastic replacement parts helping customers avoid out of stock conditions.

Pioneer focuses on customer satisfaction & retention.

Outstanding customer service. Love working with them. They answer the phone ready to help. Always receive products on time and as ordered. Full range of tool building, part building and custom molding. One-stop resource for custom products, from concept to finished product. Also carry broad array of stock products.

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Appliance Replacement Part FAQs

Pioneer Plastics specializes in producing a wide range of replacement plastic parts for both home and industrial appliances. This includes but is not limited to components for washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, industrial machinery, and more.

Short-run production typically involves producing replacement parts for appliances and automotive industries, where parts are needed in smaller quantities for maintenance and service purposes.

Our equipment and decades of experience allow us to provide home appliance and industrial appliance customers with:

  • Superior ability to manage tools
  • Easy retrieval and quick mold changes
  • Fast turnaround

Pioneer Plastics manufacturers all plastic replacement parts in the United States.

No, Pioneer Plastics can manage molds and provide short run productions of plastic parts for virtually any industry.