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Collectibles Display Solutions

Pioneer Plastics is a trusted name in the collectibles industry, providing an array of display cases for collectibles. From protecting sports memorabilia to showcasing toy cars, Pioneer Plastics offers durable and high-quality solutions. Our clear plastic cases not only offer visibility, but also ensure that the contents are safe and well-preserved. Pioneer Plastics understands the importance of quality and reliability in their products, making them an ideal choice for collectors looking for top-notch storage or display solutions.


With over 40 years of expertise in the collectibles industry, Pioneer Plastics provides versatile display cases that meet the unique needs and quality standards of our customers. We create an array of display cases for both individual collectors and retailers.


The exceptional clarity and durability of Pioneer Plastics' clear plastic display cases guarantee optimal visibility of prized possessions. This feature proves invaluable in the collectibles industry, enabling collectors to effortlessly showcase and protect their items with ease and efficiency.


Our plastic display cases are designed to provide maximum protection for collectibles. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, these cases ensure that items are securely displayed safe from dust and moisture.

Collectibles Display Products

Sports Display Cases

From collector cards to signed balls, we offer cases to protect your sport memorabilia.

355c 1:18 scale diecast display case with barbie, doll, and model car

Toy Display Cases

We offer a variety of toy display cases that protect and showcase collectibles.

Diecast Display Cases

Browse an array of diecast display cases to elegantly present your treasured diecast collection.

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Collectibles FAQs

Pioneer Plastics serves the collectibles industry with a large array of products including:

1.) Toy Display Cases – This includes display cases for model cars, Hot Wheels, Barbies, Funko Pops, Beanie Babies, bobble heads and more

2.) Sports Display Cases – This includes display cases for basketball, sports rings, baseballs, baseball gloves, tennis balls, softballs, footballs, golf balls and more 

3.) Diecast Display Cases – These cases are ideal for model cars, diecast cars, trains and more

Pioneer Plastics caters to the collectibles industry by offering high-quality display solutions specifically designed to protect and showcase valuable items. Their range includes display cases of all sizes with versatile uses. Additionally they have options for UV protectant cases, which guard against harmful light exposure, ensuring that collectibles maintain their pristine condition over time. Additionally, Pioneer Plastics provides attractive retail packaging options that enhance the presentation and marketability of display cases for retailers.

Yes, Pioneer Plastics’ display cases are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. Crafted from high-quality clear plastic materials, these display cases are designed to withstand the test of time and provide protection for valuable collectibles and arts and crafts items. Pioneer Plastics’ display cases are built to be sturdy and reliable. ensuring that your items remain safe and well-preserved.

Absolutely, retailer clients can easily place bulk orders for display cases from Pioneer Plastics. Pioneer Plastics provides the flexibility to handle large orders for clear cases, making it convenient for clients to stock up on the essential display cases needed for their collectible items.

Yes, many of our display cases have uv protectant options available. We understand the importance of protecting your valuable collection from harmful UV rays that can cause fading or discoloration over time. That’s why we offer UV protectant coating as an optional add-on for our  display cases.

Certainly, Pioneer Plastics provides retail packaging solutions. Our range of retail packaging options is designed to elevate product presentation, boost brand visibility, and ensure products capture attention on retail shelves.