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Got Championship Rings? Here’s Why You Need a Ring Display Case

So you collect sports championship rings. Whether you’re an avid sports fan picking up your favorite championship rings or you’ve earned rings of your own as a player or coach, you might have built up quite a collection. But what do you do with them now? 

It doesn’t matter if you have one ring or dozens — it’s time to put your rings on display for the world to see.

However, that can be easier said than done. It isn’t always easy to find a way to protect your rings from damage while still keeping them proudly visible on your shelf. As you look into the different ways to display your rings, there’s a lot to consider: Material, quality, price, personalization options, and the number of rings you have to display.

While there are some poorly made display cases out there, we’ll help you sort through the clutter to find the best ring display case for your sports championship rings.

Why Use a Sports Ring Display Case?

Your championship rings are more than just jewelry. They’re keepsakes that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Each ring has its own story to tell, with its own memories attached. 

Too often, these kinds of precious items are left in storage boxes, dark closets, or damp basements, unseen and rarely enjoyed. Depending on the environment they’re left in, rings can rust, wear away, and deteriorate over time. The best way to elevate your sports rings is to put them in a display case. 

The right ring display case can make your rings really stand out. It puts them on proud display in your house so that they can tell their story. 

But properly presenting your items is about more than just aesthetics. It also offers protection from dust, dirt, fingerprints, spills, UV damage, or simply the wear and tear of day to day life. Without a display case, your rings could lose their mint condition, along with some of their sentimental value.

The Right Ring Display Case: What to Consider

Putting your rings in a display case is a great way to protect them for years of enjoyment and nostalgia to come. However, not all display cases are created equal. 

Let’s break down the different factors that go into the perfect ring display case so that you can find the right one for you. Here’s everything you need to consider before investing in a display case.

1. How Many Rings Do You Have?

Maybe you have one championship ring or maybe you have 20. Depending on the size of your collection, you might need a different kind of display case. To start, consider how many are in your collection. If you have more than one, do you want them all in the same case? Or will each ring be featured in an individual case? 

At Pioneer Plastics, our ring cases are designed to stack on top of each other. Stackable cases allow you to showcase more than one ring — each in their individual case — while still organizing them in a cohesive and eye-catching display. These crystal clear cases are all the same size and shape, putting all your rings together for a clean and professional look.

2. What’s Your Budget?

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to display your cases or you’re ready to go all out for something more high-end, there are display cases out there for you. Different kinds of cases will come with different price tags. How do you decide between the two? Let’s break down luxury cases vs affordable cases. 

Luxury Cases 

If you’re looking to spend more on your ring display, you have the option of investing in more expensive cases. Typically made with real wood and glass, these cases can be heavy, durable, and long-lasting. They also have a more luxurious look and feel. 

Plastic Cases 

Plastic cases may not have the luxury appeal or the high price tag of a more expensive display case. 

However, at the end of the day, plastic cases offer the same kind of protection. They can keep your rings safely away from physical wear and tear while also protecting them from less visible threats, like sun damage. 

Not only are they just as effective, but the material is more durable overall than a glass case. If you’re looking for that sleek, luxury look, you can still find it with plastic cases. A great plastic case will have a crystal clear finish and a smooth, professional look. 

3. What Kind of Material Do You Want?

When it comes to material, you have plenty of options. Some display cases are all plastic, while others are all acrylic. Some are a mix of real wood and glass, while others might use veneer — a kind of false wood. 

Depending on your budget and your aesthetic preferences, different cases will appeal to different collectors. You might prefer the vintage look that comes with a wood case. Or maybe you prefer something more modern, like all-plastic or acrylic. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of each display case material: 

  • Real wood. While real wood can add a feeling of luxury to a display case, it can also add to the overall price. Wood will also significantly weigh down the display, making it more vulnerable to sustaining damage if dropped. 
  • Veneer. Imitation wood can give the feeling of luxury without the price tag of real wood. However, it may appear visibly fake and it won’t have the same long-lasting quality. 
  • Glass. Like wood, glass is a great way to add quality and luxury to a design. However, glass can weigh down a display. If dropped, it’s also very likely the glass will break — or at the very least, become scratched, cracked, or chipped.
  • Acrylic. An acrylic case is lightweight and can provide a more modern feel, along with benefits like a shatterproof design and UV protection.
  • Plastic. Plastic is a more durable and lightweight alternative to glass. In addition to being one of the more affordable options, it provides the same look and protection as acrylic. 

4. Do You Want to Add a Base?

Whether you pick plastic, glass, or acrylic, most of your case will be see-through. However, some cases feature a solid-color base or ring stand to add some dimension to the display. For example, the base of the display case might be black plastic or solid wood. Some cases will even have velvet or cloth bases to add a pop of color. 

Adding a base isn’t necessary, and in some cases, it can be more expensive. But some collectors prefer the way a base can add contrast to the ring, making the details really stand out in a display.

5. What Kind of Quality Are You Looking For?

There are all kinds of display cases out there, from fine luxury boxes to cheap cases. While affordability is important, quality and durability are just as important. You want your ring display to last a lifetime — keeping your ring in pristine condition for years to come. 

When assessing a ring display case, look for signs of poor craftsmanship. What does the plastic, wood, or acrylic feel like? A lightweight case can be a good thing, but it shouldn’t feel flimsy or poor quality. 

The quality of the see-through plastic or glass is just as important. A case should be crystal-clear, with the ring perfectly visible. Is the surface easily scratched or damaged? Would it hold up if dropped? How easy is it to clean and maintain?

6. Do You Want Any Personalization?

How can you show off your favorite championship rings without labeling them? Especially if you have more than one, you want to remember the triumph of each ring, including the year you got it. If you want to upgrade your ring display case to add these memories, you can opt for personalization. 

Some cases allow you to add an engraving right onto the case. This works best for cases with a wooden frame. 

Prefer a plastic case? As an easier and more affordable option, you can have a separate plaque engraved with the name, title, year, and other information. Either attach your new plaque directly to the display case or place it in front of the ring in your display.

The Bottom Line

With proper maintenance and care over the years, your championship rings can last a lifetime. All it takes is the right display case to keep your rings safe, without hiding them away in your basement. 

Whether you’re showing off a memento from the big leagues or you want to display your child’s Little League victories, a display case is the best way to capture the sentimental value of your ring collection. To safeguard, stage, and store your sports rings, plastic ring display boxes are the ideal choice. They’re crystal clear, modern, and more durable than their expensive glass alternatives. 

Ready to start displaying your collection? Take a look at our ring display cases, as well as our other display cases for your sports memorabilia.

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