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Engineering Services

Pioneer’s in-house engineering services help bring your product from concept to reality.

Pioneer’s product development process for custom injection molding was created with simplification in mind. We believe every product should offer a user-friendly, intuitive design that can be carefully and professionally assembled with our streamlined cost-cutting process. Our mission is to serve as your one stop shop for plastic injection molding from product design to final production.

By leveraging our engineers’ experience and knowledge of materials, production processes and design, we can create highly precise tools that are optimized for a specific application. Our engineering team can also recommend the most suitable materials and production processes based on the product requirements, improving production capabilities while reducing costs. With years of engineering experience, Pioneer Plastics creates easy to manufacture parts that are less expensive to produce.

In addition, engineering services provide valuable technical insight which can help identify any potential issues and find solutions before production begins, thereby ensuring that each part is produced according to expectations and with great results. Pioneer Plastics’ engineering team is committed to reducing production delays due to unforeseen issues.

During Our Engineering Process, You Get:


We Design It

We use cutting edge technology to design plastic parts and create prototypes. Through this process we troubleshoot and validate the design which reduce costly errors during production.


We Build It

Our engineering team works closely with our expert tool builders to properly design mold tooling that efficiently produces more high quality parts with minimal downtime.


We Produce It

We mass produce high quality parts with precision, accuracy and consistency. Our simplified process lines get your product to the consumer quickly while saving on labor costs.

You work directly with our engineers and toolmakers to provide an inexpensive, high-quality mold, saving you money in production. Cimatron Technologies software is used for tool building design.

Engineering Services FAQs

Engineering services are essential for successful plastic injection molding. With the help of experienced engineers, custom tool builders can create the optimal design for a specific project. Engineers can also recommend the best materials and production processes required to produce high-quality parts. Additionally, engineering services provide valuable technical expertise that can identify potential problems and find solutions before production begins. This helps ensure that each part is produced according to expectations – quickly, accurately and with great results.

Custom plastics injection molding companies typically offer a variety of engineering services, including:

  • Design optimization – 3D modeling and CAD/CAM to create high precision parts
  • Material selection and evaluation – assessing various materials in terms of their performance and compatibility with the product requirements
  • Process simulation and optimization – engineers simulate the production process for accuracy and efficiency
  • Tooling design and manufacturing – custom tool builders create tools that are optimized for a specific application
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving – helps identify any potential issues before production begins which can save time and resources down the line

In simplified terms, melted plastic, also known as resin,  poured (or injected) into molds that are in the shape of the final product. Once the plastic cools and hardens, the final product is removed from the molds. Products are then finished, inspected, tested and shipped to the final consumer. 

Injection molding is a great choice if you have a high volume/quantity. If you only need a 1,000 pieces, the initial investment of a new custom mold may not be feasible.

Custom injection molding is one of the most cost-efficient molding processes however there are great upfront costs associated with designing and building new molds. New molds can range from $10k- $100k depending on the size and complexity.

We offer various materials for different purposes. Four common materials used in plastic injection molding are:

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS): Impact-resistant and rigid, used in Legos and some cars.
  • ‌Polystyrene (PS): Rigid and economical, used in plastic cutlery and CD cases.
  • ‌Acrylic: Transparent and shatter-resistant, used to replace glass in windows.
  • ‌Polycarbonate: Heat-resistant and durable, used in eyewear and car exteriors.

When designing custom plastic parts for injection molding, a number of characteristics must be taken into consideration. These include material properties, wall thickness, part geometry, dimension and tolerances, surface finish and texture, internal stresses and forces applied during the injection molding process, heat dissipation needs and regulations or standards that need to be complied with. Additionally, it is important to assess potential wear and tear as well as look for any potential design flaws in order to ensure the part meets all of its performance requirements.

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