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Storage Solutions

Pioneer Plastics is a dependable partner in the storage industry, delivering an extensive selection of clear plastic containers tailored to meet diverse storage needs. Ideal for organizing arts and crafts supplies, common household items, office essentials, and more, Pioneer Plastics offers durable and high-quality solutions that combine visibility with functionality. Their containers are designed to keep contents safe and orderly, ensuring that everything from paperclips to paintbrushes is easily accessible and well-organized. With a commitment to quality and reliability, Pioneer Plastics is the go-to choice for anyone seeking superior storage solutions in various settings.


Made from high-quality plastic, these plastic containers are built to withstand regular use, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection for a wide range of items from office suppplies to art supplies and everything in between.


The clear durable plastic construction of the containers allows for easy identification of contents without the need to open each box, saving time and making it simple to find specific items quickly.


Our plastic containers offer optimal storage solutions for various materials, keeping supplies organized and accessible. Effortlessly stackable, they maximize space and are perfect for closets, garages, and storage rooms.

Storage Container Products

Round Plastic Containers

Find the perfect round containers to store and organize your art/office supplies.

scrapbook storage case 6 pack

Scrapbook Storage Cases

Stackable, clear, and high quality cases designed to protect and store scrapbook materials.

Square Plastic Containers

Shop an array of versatile containers in all shapes and sizes ideal for storing art supplies.

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Storage Container FAQs

Pioneer Plastics serves the arts and crafts industry with a large array of products including:

1.) Plastic Containers – This includes round and square clear plastic containers perfect for storing art supplies, office supplies and more

2.) Scrapbook Storage Cases- designed for scrapbook materials

The right size depends on what you are planning to store. Measure the items you intend to store and choose a container that provides enough space while maximizing your storage area efficiently.

Yes, Pioneer Plastics’ storage containers are designed to be stackable, which helps in saving space and keeping storage areas neat and organized.

Yes, clients can indeed order bulk quantities of clear plastic containers from Pioneer Plastics. Pioneer Plastics offers the flexibility to accommodate large orders for clear plastic containers and cases, making it convenient for clients to stock up on the necessary display cases and storage solutions for their arts and crafts items. 

Storage containers can be used for a wide array of purposes, including organizing household items, storing office supplies, storing small health and beauty items, arts & crafts supplies, protecting collectibles, storing small garden tools and equipment, and storing tools like nails, nuts or bolts.