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Soccer Ball Display Case

Pioneer Plastics offers a wide variety of clear plastic display cases for all sorts of items. Our cases are made from high-quality materials and are designed to protect and showcase your belongings. Whether you’re displaying a cherished autographed soccer ball or the ball from the game-winning goal, our display cases will make it look amazing. You won’t find a better way to show off your prized possessions than with one of our displays.

SKU: 1010C
per carton (Qty: 2)
Price per item: $39.97
Inner dimensions: 9-3/4” x 9-3/4” x 9-5/8”

Soccer Ball Display Case FAQs

There are a few benefits to having a soccer ball display case. First, it can help organize and store your sports collection. Second, it can protect your item from being damaged. Third, it can make it easier for you to show off your collection to friends and family. Finally, it can make it easier for you to trade or sell your soccer ball.

Pioneer Plastics is a wholesale company that sells a variety of plastic products. However, if you are looking for a specific product and do not want to purchase in bulk, Pioneer Plastics also has an Amazon store as well as a number of distributor partners that sell individual products. This gives consumers the convenience of buying products without the hassle of having to purchase in large quantities. Pioneer Plastics is committed to providing quality products at an affordable price, whether you are buying in bulk or just a single item. Check out our Amazon store or our distributors page today for all your display case needs!