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Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Let’s turn your custom plastic part into a reality.

With over 35 years of experience in the plastic parts manufacturing industry, we are able to meet and exceed the highest expectations and tightest schedules.

Let’s turn your custom plastic part concept into a reality! Advantages of working with Pioneer Plastics include:

We'll turn your investment to substantial profit with an expertly-crafted prototype and final design.


We Design It

With over 35 years of plastic molding part design & mold design experience, Pioneer has the background, expertise, and determination to create the best version of your product and build the mold to produce it.


We Build It

Our skilled tool and die craftsmen use lathes, mills, or CNC machining to build the mold at our in-house tooling shop, Collins Engineering, Inc. In-house plastic machining & tooling saves you time and money with quick design modifications and a mold guarantee.


We Mold It

We take that mold and use plastic injection to produce your plastic products. In the molding process, injection molding machines force liquid resin into the mold cavity to form the part. Pioneer currently operates 22 modern plastic injection molding machines ranging from 75-ton to 880-ton clamp force.


We Inspect It

Pioneer utilizes a rigorous quality control system when testing plastic products for defects or imperfections. Only the highest quality plastic molded parts will be packaged after the quality control testing process.​ All molds at Pioneer Plastics are on a preventative maintenance schedule between production runs, so your mold always stays in excellent condition.


We Ship It

With a geographically centrally-located headquarters, we ship your finalized plastic products directly to your consumers and retail partners. Our 50,000+ square foot production and distribution facility is located in the heart of the Midwest, just a few hours from Indianapolis, St. Louis, Louisville, and Nashville. We have excellent access to all major transportation networks, allowing us to ship your custom plastic parts efficiently.


You Love It

Once you’ve worked with Pioneer, you won’t want to work with anyone else. As a turnkey injection molder, we’re equipped to handle every step of the plastic fabrication process.

“There is a Reason for the Resin.” We use the highest quality materials. From commodity grades to engineered thermoplastics, our engineering team will pick the best material for your project.

Our Sales and Engineering teams have over 175 years of combined expertise in project management and plastic part manufacturing. 

Our industry experts are more than capable of educating you on the design and manufacturing process so that you feel comfortable making the decision to move forward with custom injection molding. 

We take pride in our personal relationships with our customers, many of which have been with us for over 30 years.

We are the #1 supplier of replacement service parts to the appliance industry. We specialize in tool storage and retrieval for reduced lead times – which saves you money!

Pioneer has numerous clients that have been with us 20+ years, some over 30 years.​

We place a high demand on client retention. We understand how difficult customers are to find within the injection molding industry, and how important they are to keep. We strive to go above what's required to make sure our clients know we value their business.

Some Industries We Serve

Food Industry

Our custom molded plastic parts enable our customers to prepare their food faster and more consistently.

Food Packaging Industry

We provide clear plastic molded boxes for companies that produce candy, nuts, and honey.

Arts & Crafts Industry

We use custom molding to create display cases for sports memorabilia, toy cars, collectibles, and other clear plastic containers.

Home Appliance Industry

We use custom plastic injection molding to create replacement parts for many home and industrial services.

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