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Tool Building

Pioneer can service current tools or build custom mold solutions at our in-house mold and tool building shop, Collins Engineering, Inc.

From beginning to end, Pioneer Plastics is your premier partner for all custom injection molding needs. We help design your product, build the mold, produce prototypes and get your product in full production.

Tool building is an integral part of the plastic injection molding process. Without a well-designed and accurate tool, it is impossible to produce parts with consistent quality, reliability, and repeatability. Using modern technologies, custom tool builders can create precise tools that are optimized for a specific application. With the right tool in place, plastic injection molding can be used to produce parts quickly and with excellent results.

Our in house engineers have years of experience building inexpensive, high-quality injection molds quickly with a mold guarantee. Toolmakers at Pioneer Plastics use Cimatron Technologies software is used for tool building design. Pioneer Plastics’ tool building team is committed to quality and precision, saving our customers money. 

New custom injection molds are ideal for the mass production of plastic parts. The investment of a new mold may not be cost-effective if you need a small volume of parts.


We Design It

Before the tool building begins, we use cutting edge technology to design tools and create prototypes. Through this process we troubleshoot and validate the design which reduce costly errors during production.


We Build It

Our in-house tool and die shop excels in precision. Toolmakers are trained to build the highest quality molds quickly. They are trained to detect any problems before production begins which saves you money.


We Maintain It

We perform preventive maintenance on all of our machines to ensure they continue producing defect free plastic parts quickly and cost effectively. Our shop is equipped to service our molds reducing down time and delays.

Other Services We Offer:

Work with our experienced engineering and design team to bring your product concept to reality. We offer rapid prototyping and short lead times so your product can be in the hands of the consumer quicker. We use engineering grade resin that is injected into molding machines. All of our products go through a rigorous quality control inspection process so your final product is perfect and ready for shipment.

Pioneer Plastics is your one-stop-shop for custom injection molding. We work with you every step of the way from product design & prototyping, tool building, and production/shipping. Our high quality injection molding machines and engineering grade resins produce durable long lasting plastic parts affordably.

Good design and engineering is the key to high quality parts for lower costs. Pioneer Plastics has over 200 years of injection molding company experience in our design team – we know what makes a good part based on what your needs. You will get to work directly with our engineers who have access to state-of-the-art-equipment.

Before the mold is created, we can create a prototype of the part using our 3D-printer. This allows you to experiment with the product and make any necessary adjustments before the mold is built.

Tool Building FAQs

When it comes to injection molding, tool and die refers to the molds and machinery built that create the end product. Molds are the empty cavity that is filled with melted plastic resin to form the plastic part.

Melted plastic, also known as resin is injected directly into the molds. Toll building is the process of creating that mold so that in can shape the resin into a plastic part. After the resin cools and hardens it is removed from the mold. High quality tools are critical for producing high quality parts.

Injection molding is typically a good choice if you need a higher volume/quantity of your part because the large upfront investment pays off over time. However, if you only need 1,000 parts, injection molding may not be economical for you. This depends on your budget and how critical the part design is to your project’s success.

Tool building can take anywhere from 2 to 26 weeks depending on the complexity of the part, the number of cavities, parts in the mold, and the size of the mold.

Yes! Pioneer Plastics has a preventive maintenance schedule for all of our molds.

When tool building there are a few things to consider including:

  • Complexity
  • Lifetime of the mold
  • Production volume
  • Application

New plastic injection molds can cost anywhere from $10,000 – $100,000+ depending on size and complexity. New tool building is only cost effective for those looking to mass produce their plastic part.

Some of the most important benefits of plastic part tooling to note:

  • Extremely Precise & Accurate – Due to precise designs and prototyping to rigorous testing throughout the building process, our molds ar built correctly the first time.
  • Cost-Effective – Once the initial investment is made the recurring costs are minimal bc the mold does not have to be remade
  • Fast- Compared to other methods, plastic part tooling is quick and can have your part in production relatively fast
  • High Quality – Our molds are built with strict standards leading to fewer defects in parts

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