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Pioneer Plastics offers many different plastic product manufacturing services

Additional Services

Full Cycle OEM Consulting Services

We built our reputation on assisting with the design and development of new products for our customers. We then build molds based on those designs, produce to their specifications using custom injection molding, and ship to their facilities.​

Service Molding

Pioneer manages aftermarket plastic injection molds for the appliance industry. We offer superior service and quick turnarounds on replacement service parts. We are the #1 supplier of aftermarket plastic injection products to the appliance industry.​

Additional Services

Robotics & Automation

Through the robotics, engineering, and automation processes at Pioneer, we ensure speedy, accurate machine-based manufacturing and printing.

In-Mold Decorating

Create visually stunning graphics and impressions with In-Mold Decoration. Instead of applying the product label in post-production, In-Mold Decoration allows for the colorization, stylization, and effects to be implemented during the molding process. This eliminates a second operation / labor cost and gives you a higher-quality product.​

Pad Printing

Pioneer has the ability to adhere two-dimensional images onto three-dimensional plastic products. Pad printing is especially useful when products have uneven, rigid surfaces.​

Sonic Welding

Sonic welding is a process in which high-frequency sonic vibrations are applied to pressurized plastic parts, creating a unified, solid-state weld. This form of connectivity is especially useful for conjoining different materials like metal and plastic. In sonic welding, no bolts, protrusions, or soldering materials are used.

Heat Staking

A plastic stud extending from one piece is placed into a hole on the other plastic piece. Then, through the heat staking process, this protrusion melts and locks the two pieces together. This form of connectivity can combine different kinds of materials like plastics and metals.​

Heat Transfer Decal

Pioneer utilizes heat transfers for some products that may undergo excessive wear and tear. We take your preferred design or logo and adhere it via heat to the preferred location on your product during manufacturing. Heat transfer offers much more consistency, as design placement will be the same on every single unit on the assembly line.​


Pioneer has the ability to perform many forms of assembly for complex products. Starting with a design, engineering utilizes available complex equipment to move your idea from concept to reality in an automated fashion.​


“Don’t hide your product – let your customers see it.” Pioneer’s crystal clear packaging allows your products to be seen with fantastic detail and clarity. If our in-stock plastic packaging does not fit your needs, Pioneer can design and build a custom product for your application. In addition, many consumers are more likely to recycle packaging made of plastic instead of paper or cardboard.​

Quality Control Systems

Pioneer utilizes a rigorous quality control system when testing plastic products for defects or imperfections. Only the highest quality plastic parts will be packaged after the quality control testing process.​

Over Molding

Over molding is a process where a unified plastic part is created from the combination of either two or more plastics or two separate materials. ​

Gas Assist

Gas assist is a low pressure injection molding process.
Using pressurized nitrogen gas, material is shot into the hollow sections of the mold, creating extra smooth cosmetic finishes for complex plastic products.​

Pioneer Plastics, Inc. is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 international standard.

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