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Pioneer Plastics Receives Pizza Hut STAR Supplier of the Year Award

star award

DIXON, Kentucky – Pioneer Plastics was selected as Pizza Hut’s STAR Award recipient for Equipment and Smallwares Supplier of the Year for 2020.  This marks the fourth time Pioneer has received this award and the second time in six months the company has been recognized by Pizza Hut after receiving the European division’s Innovation of the Year award in November of 2020.

When selecting winners for this year’s awards, suppliers were graded on their performance against key metrics, overall delivery against the business, and ability to step up and provide support during a very challenging year.  As an essential business, Pioneer Plastics was able to continue operating and providing items vital to Pizza Hut’s production throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  “They were a very important part of 2020 for Pizza Hut,” noted Peter Graham, Director of Operations, Engineering and Compliance.  

When Pizza Hut was faced with the challenge of implementing a safe contactless delivery method at the beginning of the pandemic, Pioneer Plastics presented the idea for a pizza delivery stand that could be easily transported and reused by the international franchise’s delivery drivers.

“When we needed to recreate a new way to deliver pizzas, they were the first ones that we went to,” Graham said.  “They were able to design it, produce it, get it sent in to our restaurants in a timely manner, and that allowed us to continue with our operations under this new operational procedure that was driven by the pandemic.”

The award was announced in a video that was shared at the conclusion of the International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association’s annual meeting.

“I am proud of our employees for their creativity and their commitment to exceeding our customers’ quality and delivery requirements,” said Eddie Knapp, President of Pioneer Plastics.

Pioneer has partnered with Pizza Hut for over 30 years and is involved in designing new products to help them make pizzas quickly and consistently – ensuring the pizza that customers buy at their local Pizza Hut is the same as anywhere in the world.   Pioneer Plastics is a family-owned injection molding company located in Dixon, Kentucky.  Since 1986, Pioneer has served numerous clients in a wide range of industries.

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