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Pioneer Plastics Rocks Outdoor Festivals with Outstanding Food and Drink Products

What would summertime be without having a blast at a festival, fair, or carnival? In almost every community, summertime brings locals and visitors to outdoor festivals. Just about every ethnicity hosts an event (Italian feasts, Greek festival, German Oktoberfest, etc.), school sports teams have summer carnivals, and summer arts offer outdoor performances like music, plays, and dance – not to mention the 4th of July. At an outdoor festival, there is something for everyone, from toddlers to seniors.

Every summer, festivals give us the opportunity to relax and appreciate the atmosphere while being entertained, alongside eating and drinking (the best part of it all if you ask us!). The two are standard fare while walking around or picnicking. But have you ever noticed the kind of challenges eating and drinking at the same time in these crowds can pose?

In our May blog, we described our Drink & Plate and the benefits of including them in on your camping trips. Well, guess what? This killer combination is also perfect for the above too! Relish in the convenience of an attached cup and plate at festivals or include it as a part of your cozy picnic basket.

Since it is easy to hold the food and drink in one hand, you can stand, wander around, or sit and enjoy a show. Spilled drinks are now a thing of the past. These sturdy plates hold any kind of food, refuse to leak or bend, and offer easy cleanup. As if that isn’t enough, this easy to use plate/cup combo can be popped in the dishwasher, quickly ready for your next outing!

Wanting more? This year Pioneer Plastics has also debuted a new product that is just the thing for summer festivals! Our 1-liter mugs, made of durable plastic, are a safe and attractive cup option for serving beer and any other beverage you might have. When customized with a logo or brand name, these become classic keepsakes and a special souvenir. For ethnic celebrations like German Oktoberfest or Italian Feasts, beverages served from these mugs not only look good, but taste even better—okay, we can’t guarantee a better taste, but we can guarantee a better overall experience with these snazzy mementos!

Both the Drink & Plate and 1-liter mug products have been developed to make entertaining all the merrier. Custom options and a wide selection of colors bring a unique touch to any party, festival, or event. Unbreakable plastic suits outdoor use and all age groups!

In need of our festive products for your next party or outing? Contact the party experts at Pioneer Plastics today!

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