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5 Tips for Displaying and Protecting Your Autographed Baseball

You are the proud owner of an autographed baseball. Congratulations!

Maybe, your baseball has been signed by your favorite MLB player, or you are adding to your collection of Gold Glove Award winner-signed baseballs. You may have even always coveted the ball signed by you and all of your high school state championship-winning teammates. No matter what scenario—there are several optimal and safe ways to display an autographed baseball.

To preserve and display your baseball, you’ll want to start with a high-quality plastic display case for autographed baseballs. Here are 5 tips for showing off your autographed baseball.

Tip 1: Determine How Many Baseballs You Have to Display 

First, consider the number of baseballs you wish to display. If you are adding a baseball to an already established collection, you may want to keep each baseball separated in its own display case, or you might want to choose a display case that can fit your entire collection in one space. The number of baseballs you have to display will also impact the location in which you display them.

If you are displaying all of your baseballs in the same room, consider how much shelf space or other surface space you have for your display cases. Do you have enough room? Will you need to invest in shelving to create extra display space?

The location is also important to consider — it’s best to store autographed memorabilia out of direct sunlight and in a room with relatively good temperature control. 

The number of baseballs you have determines where you can display them.

Tip 2: Determine Your Budget for Display and Storage

Next, decide how much you are willing to spend on your autographed baseball display case, especially if you’re in need of multiple cases. Baseball display cases can be bought in single or bulk orders and come in a variety of standards and specifications.

Some display cases are clear plastic all the way around, whereas others may have a base to set the baseball on. Consider the style of the room in which you’re displaying your autographed baseball to help you decide what case and specifications work best. A case with a base might look really nice in an office or home study, but a completely clear, plastic case is versatile and looks great anywhere

Tip 3: Store at the Right Room Temperature 

It’s best to store your autographed baseball in a room with good climate control if possible. An ideal temperature at which to store your baseball is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures, especially if there is moisture present in the room, can lead to discoloration of the leather and fading of the signature. Avoiding a wide swing in temperatures will also help preserve your autographed baseball.

Managing the direct sunlight in a room by choosing a room with few or smaller windows or by installing curtains or blinds will help to make stabilizing the room temperature easier as well.

The ideal temperature to store your autographed baseball is between 65-85 degrees farenheit.

Tip 4: Keep Out of Direct Sunlight 

As with all autographed memorabilia and collectibles, it’s incredibly important to keep your signed baseball out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage almost any material over time and can most certainly cause the autograph on your baseball to fade and the skin to dry and wrinkle.

It might be best to keep your display cases in a room with little natural light and out of direct room lighting for that matter. Most lighting other than LED lighting can lead to similar damage as direct sun exposure.

Another option to keep your baseball out of direct sunlight is to choose a room with curtains or blinds that can cover windows when the room is not in use. You could even find a cloth covering for your display case or maybe an exterior box to set around it.

Securing a way to keep your signed baseball out of direct sunlight will allow the signature to last for years beyond what it might have without being as cautious. 

Tip 5: Store in a UV-Protected Display Case — The Best Way 

Even when out of direct sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause noticeable damage to your memorabilia. If your memorabilia is in a room with lots of natural light and you don’t want to cover it with a cloth or exterior box—there’s a solution that allows you to keep your baseball on display without having to constantly cover it up when you leave the room. The best way to have your autographed baseball on display while also protecting and preserving it is to store the ball in a well-made UV-protected display case.

UV damage can happen within just a few months of exposure and years of exposure can lead to severe damage such as fading, cracking, and discoloration. Though there is no sure-fire solution to keep your memorabilia from cracking or facing, a UV-protected display case will allow you to display your baseball rather than having to keep your prized possession tucked away. Additives are added in the manufacturing of the case that helps protect your baseball from light. Even with UV protection, it’s still worth it to keep your autographed baseball out of direct sunlight and to watch the temperature and humidity of the room in which you are storing your baseball.

With a UV-protected display case, you don’t have to worry about keeping your autographed baseball in the dark, you can proudly display it as a talking piece in a home or office.

The best way to protect your autographed baseball is a uv-protected display case.

Where to Find a Display Case for Your Autographed Baseball 

Quality UV-protected display cases for baseballs can be found at Pioneer Plastics where all the products are proudly made in the USA. When shopping for your display case, select the option to add an industry standard UV protectant before adding the item to your cart. 

You may also want to look into practicing similar protection methods and choosing a display case for your other sports memorabilia from championship rings to baseball gloves and small helmets. Keep your valuable mementos on display where they can be enjoyed while protecting and preserving them at the same time. 

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