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You Know You Need a Plastic Part: What’s Next?

You’ve worked hard, maybe for years, to invent a plastic part that will either increase efficiency or improve the user experience in some way. So if it’s a helpful tool for you, then a lot of other people will probably find it useful, right?

Right. So how do you take that next step? And after that, how do you take it from concept to consumer? 

It can be a stressful process figuring out where to start. But here’s a breakdown that will help you take your plastic product to the next level.

The Next Steps

Steps to create a plastic part with a mold
Steps to create a plastic part with a mold

First, talk to an injection molding company about designing your piece for production.

In order for an injection molding company to take your idea to the next level, it needs to be designed specifically for the industry that you wish to target. 

Ideally, working with someone that can design and manufacture your product will help make it a smoother process.

For example, Pioneer Plastics can handle the entirety of the design process before handing it off to the in-house production team.

Make a Prototype

They’ll create a prototype that will allow you to experiment with the finished product.

You’ll need to spend some time with it, testing durability and ease-of-use. You have to know that it works correctly first!

Create the Mold

Mold creation is all about building a high-quality injection mold that will produce your part. 

Select the Resin

This is perhaps the most important step.

Once the prototype is approved, the injection molding company will help you decide what resin would work best for your plastic part. You might not realize it, but each type of resin has a specific use-case. 

Prep Your Plastic Part for Mass Production

Once you give final approval on the molded plastic part, a full-service custom injection molding entity like Pioneer Plastics will manufacture it. The resin they choose to use for your product will be injected into the mold and formed to the specified shape, creating your part. Then they’ll ship it out to the masses. 

Congratulations! You did it! You took your idea to the next level!

Why Choose Pioneer Plastics?

We can turn your concept into a reality!

Advantages of working with Pioneer Plastics include:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Expert Product Design Guidance
  • Finalized Product Designed to Specifications
  • Mold Cost Savings – “We design it correctly the first time”
  • Labor Cost Savings – Proper design saves money on production
  • Short lead times for new products and replacement parts.

Our Sales and Engineering teams have over 175 years of combined expertise in project management and product development. Our industry experts are more than capable of educating you on the design and manufacturing process so that you feel comfortable making the decision to move forward with custom molding. We take pride in our personal relationships with our customers, many of which have been with us for over 30 years.

Learn more about the plastic part manufacturing process here.

Most Importantly, we’ll turn your investment into substantial profit.

If you’d like to partner with an experienced injection molding company to design, prototype, and produce your plastic part, let’s talk.

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