You’ve finalized your design. Now let’s bring it to life.

Prototyping & Product Manufacturing

Pioneer’s expert injection molding team can turn your initial investment into substantial profit with an expertly crafted plastic prototype and final manufactured product.

What You Can Expect from Our Prototyping & Manufacturing Process:

  • A fully functional prototype
  • A finalized product designed to specifications
  • Streamlined development
  • A precise product mold
  • Expert advice
  • Project management and clear communication

The injection molding process and cost can vary depending on the project timeline and product intricacy.

We have over 35 years of plastic product prototyping and manufacturing experience.

Shipping Your Product

We ship your finalized product directly to you, your consumers, or your retail partners. With a centrally-located headquarters, Pioneer is the industry leader for plastic product distribution and shipping. Talk to Pioneer today for development and manufacturing advice.