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We offer substantial savings on money and time with our

Custom Injection Molding


We’ve served numerous national and regional clients for over 30 years.

Food Industry

What We Provide:
Custom injection molded parts to aid in food preparation. These products enable our customers to make their food faster and more consistent.

Clients Served within this Industry:
Pizza Hut, Panera Bread, Quick Trip, Chili’s.

Home Appliance Industry

What We Provide: Replacement plastic parts for many home and industrial appliances. Clients Served within this Industry: Whirlpool, General Electric, Electrolux. Frigidaire, Maytag.

Arts & Crafts Industry

What We Provide: Display Cases for sports memorabilia, toy cars, collectibles, and other clear plastic containers. Clients Served within this Industry: Hobby Lobby, Collecting Warehouse, Big5 Sports.

Food Packaging Industry

What we provide: Clear plastic boxes for candy, nut, and honey companies. Clients Served within this industry: Worlds Finest Chocolates, Kelley Bee.

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Our in-house rapid prototyping, custom plastic injection mold design and production of tools give your company the ability to transform your project from concept to reality.