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Meet the team behind the molds.

The Service Molding Team

The Service Molding Team was formed in the early 1990’s, and now with nearly 3,000 service molds, we’ve become the go-to source for molded aftermarket parts for a variety of industries.

The Service Molding Team at Pioneer Plastics specializes in the short-run molding of aftermarket parts, especially for the home appliance industry. We mold parts for food processing, business machines, and many others.

We offer storage, retrieval, quick mold change, and maintenance for a cost-effective solution for our customers. This saves money and provides our customers with the parts they need in a shorter time. Whirlpool was our first partner and others joined the movement like Electrolux and GE.

Most injection molding companies don’t want to produce or manage service replacement parts. These jobs are a nuisance to them. When the appliance industry was undergoing a rapid consolidation of injection molding suppliers, hundreds of orphaned tools were left to rust and deteriorate in their various warehouses.

We saw this as an opportunity, so we made a commitment to manage this for our customers. Manufacturing quality replacement parts has become one of our niche services.

Manufacturing quality replacement parts is a commitment we make to our customers.