The Super Bowl & Valentine’s Day: Find the Two Plastic Products You Need For February Fun

As a well-known, reliable source in manufacturing, February is the optimal time to flex our industry-wide capabilities for high-quality injection molded plastic parts, pieces, and products.

The best way to familiarize yourself with our top-notch products, made from the finest food grade polystyrene, is to try them for yourself!

This month, we’re highlighting our favorite products for those specific February occasions like Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. Sitting at opposite ends of the spectrum, both events showcase our versatility when it comes to your wholesale  plastic needs for bigger events.

This Valentine’s Day, stock up on our heart-shaped containers. These clear containers feature an inset lid and frosted bottom to add that perfect touch to your supply. Selling at 40 items per case, these sweet attributes are ideal for your V-Day candies, homemade treats, kitchen or food storage, bath, body, and more. Although this sustainable package is created clear, a variety of imprint options are available upon request. Simply take a look at our customization options. Or, you can order custom colors with a 1000 piece order minimum.

For Super Bowl Sunday (or any sporting/tailgating/camping environment) match up with our most popular item, the Drink and Plate. This convenient party supply makes your life easier, with plates coming pre-equipped with an attached cup holder. Now you can easily move around with your food and drink in just one hand! As a top seller, Drink and Plate sets come in both family or party-sized packs, desirable for parties, personal, and/or business events. As a dishwasher safe item, the party plates are quick, easy, and sustainable for your end-of-day clean up.

Here at Pioneer Plastics, we have on-staff/in-house engineers to help create and/or customize your desires. Connect with us on our website, TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn to help make special occasions more memorable for your customers.

We look forward to connecting with you after February’s most notorious celebrations! Enjoy!

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