Top 3 Summer Party Products to Start the Season!

Warm weather is (finally) almost here, bringing with it Memorial Day BBQs and even 4th of July fireworks soon after. Start planning for those summer holidays now by stocking up on these plastic-molded wholesale items that are perfect for your upcoming parties and celebrations:

Drink & Plate: A Winning Combo

The Drink & Plate is one of Pioneer Plastics’ most popular items. With its integrated cup holder, guests can easily hold both food and drink in one hand. Eliminating the awkward fumbling and shuffling of cups and plates when it’s time to shake hands at a party or stack another burger onto a bun at a cookout, the Drink & Plate is one of Pioneer’s most useful and innovative products.

Available in a range of colors, the diverse selection helps guests identify their own plate and cup on a crowded table or shared party space. Plus, this innovative product is dishwasher safe to make cleaning up after an event fast and easy. Manufactured through plastic injection molding, the Drink & Plate is eco-friendly and designed to last season after season.

1L Mug for Sipping Cold Drinks

Another must-have for backyard parties, corporate picnics, and other summertime events is the reusable 1-liter mug. A significantly eco-friendlier option than single-use cans and plastic cups – not to mention a classier, more refined option – the mugs even make a great party favor.

If you’d like to customize your mug order, simply ask. We can emboss a medallion onto the front of your mug with a logo, brand name, or other graphic to make it easier than ever to spread the word about your company, and existing clients will appreciate the attractive, quality-made stein for holding any kind of beverage.

Other Food Containers

Our food containers are known across the food industry to be reliable, strong, and long-lasting, making them mainstays in the packing, storage, and service sectors. The key to their durability is the plastic injection molding production process and food-grade polystyrene material.

As a wholesale supplier of plastic boxes, we offer a broad range of sizes and shapes of attractive, hygienic containers. Designed with crystal clear material so customers can easily see inside, the containers are typically used to hold snacks like chips, nuts, and fruits. The containers can also be used for storing office supplies or showcasing sports gear as collectible display cases, and they even are turned into insect cages for kids catching fireflies on summer nights.

Party Planning with Pioneer Plastics

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting this summer, planning is a cinch with Pioneer Plastics’ wholesale products. Plastic injection molding is our specialty, and the products we create are versatile, convenient, and designed to make your life easier. Our products are also available for customization – just let us know what kind of accommodations you’d like to see in your bulk order. To learn more about our collectible display cases and other plastic-molded products, please visit our site.

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