Plastic Semi Circle Container – 054C


Items per carton: 240
Price per item: $.81
Inside Dimensions: 4-5/16 x 2-1/2 x 7/8″

Plastic semi circle  container made from clear, food grade high quality polystyrene.  Our 054C plastic semi circle container features and overfit lid.  The 054C plastic semi circle container has a capacity of 4 oz. Two of the 054C plastic semi circle containers uniquely and snuggly fit into our 053C round plastic petri dish for separation of products.  This plastic semi circle container is also a useful addition to candy stores, ice cream shops, bakeries, other eateries,.  Other uses for the plastic semi circle container are sustainable packaging, as display packaging, laboratory supplies, research labs, and entomology research.  This product is sold blank, but a variety of imprints are available.  Custom colors are available with a 1000 piece minimum order.