Service TeamThe Service Team at Pioneer Plastics specializes in the short run molding of aftermarket parts—especially for the major appliance industry.  The Team was formed in the early 1990’s when the appliance industry was undergoing a rapid consolidation of injection molding suppliers, leaving hundreds of orphaned tools at former suppliers with little interest in supplying replacement parts.  Pioneer made the commitment to concentrate on the Service business, and to drastically reduce the long lead times prevalent then.  Whirlpool was the willing partner at the beginning, but eventually Electrolux, GE, and others joined the movement.  We now have nearly 3000 service molds at Pioneer in support of the Service Parts industry.


A key factor in our success in the Service business has been our in-house tool shop, Collins Engineering.  Most Service molds are well used when they arrive here after production ceases, so we have to have the ability to quickly do the routine maintenance and small repairs on large and small tools.  We also have to know what tooling we have on hand as many companies have great difficulty pinpointing where their tools are and what parts they produce.  Our computerized cross-reference system has come to the rescue many times!  We have also done a fair amount of detective work on component parts that are no longer available from the original suppliers.  In other words, we have become the go-to source for molded aftermarket parts for a variety of industries.inside ST

 Our many years of experience in the short run molding business have also led to other opportunities with companies that don’t need many thousands of parts per order.  We mold parts for food processing, business machines, and many others.  We will give you an honest assessment of our ability to help with your project.  If we can’t, we sure know many others who might be better suited to do so.  Give us a call! 270-639-9135





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