Retailers: How Do You Display Your Sweets?

candyChocolates… Gum balls… Jelly beans, and more! Do you know how sweet it can be to have candy and sweets boost sales at your retail locations? Right now, especially with the holiday shopping frenzy in full swing, it’s more important than ever to display your sweets to attract more sales.

In a recent survey by the National Confectioners Association, 89% of adults say that candy plays a significant role in their holidays, and retailers say “the winter holidays are the third largest ‘candy holiday’ sales season, behind Halloween and Easter.” The holidays will soon be behind us and, if you’re a retailer, you’ll want to display your sweets to attract the attention of more potential customers all year long. Plastic containers are ideal for candy displays in stores and other locations.

Using plastic containers to display your sweets is proven to be the most effective way for displaying candy and sweets in stores. Display your sweets in plastic containers and take advantage of the selling power of candy and sweets:

  • Show off the merchandise! Candy and sweets are often very attractive and colorful all on their own. Displayed in clear plastic containers, candy can be very visually appealing, grabbing the attention of shoppers.
  • Protect the merchandise, too: Plastic containers that display your sweets are durable. They’re manufactured to withstand heavy use and the plastic containers often have a long shelf life, which brings us to the next advantage of displaying your candy and sweets in plastic containers…
  • Reuse and recycle. Once you purchase plastic containers to display your sweets, you’ll have them for many more selling seasons in the future. Then, when you’re done reusing the plastic containers, you can recycle them.

Plastic containers for candy and sweet displays come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to see why they’re the most effective and economical option to display your sweets – and to realize more sales – at your retail locations.

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