It Really is Madness as we Finish Up the 2016 NCAA Tournament

This year’s NCAA tournament has been nothing short of extraordinary. While initially there wasn’t a definitive team to beat amongst a lot of good teams, UNC and Villanova quickly made names for themselves in the brackets. Unlike last year, where the clear favorite was the Wildcats (we all know how that turned out), there were no immediate contenders that stood out for the title this year. Oh how that has changed.

So what is the fate of UNC tonight? Let’s take a moment to reflect back on previous games throughout the season. UNC vs Duke: it was expected that No. 5 UNC Tar Heels wouldn’t have a problem handling No. 20 Duke. But UNC was stunned in an upset when Duke beat them by 1. Will this change the expected outcome of a UNC championship title?

What we can predict for tonight’s game is that two strong handed and competitive teams will be sure to make the game as intense as ever. We know we’ll be sitting on the edges of our seats.

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We’re excited to see how the game plays out tonight with the players inevitably ready to give it their all and wish both the North Carolina Tar Heels and Villanova Wildcats good luck as they finish out the game for a championship title this season!

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