We’re Pioneering a More Sustainable Future at Pioneer Plastics!

The new, energy-efficient lighting at Pioneer Plastics’ office and manufacturing facility in Dixon, Kentucky is shining light on our efforts to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. Pioneer Plastics isn’t alone in our energy-conservation efforts and our commitment to protecting the environment. Other companies across the U.S. and around the world are also focusing on energy conservation and working toward a more sustainable future.

A recent report in Bloomberg Businessweek says that even though companies were initially hesitant about adopting a sustainable business model, “when you step back and view what’s been accomplished over the past 40 years or so, you have to concede that our national commitment to the environment, however costly, has been wildly successful.” We agree!

pioneerenergyAt Pioneer Plastics, our upgraded lighting system project was extensive and, at first, somewhat cost-prohibitive: Overall, the project took about three weeks to complete, although it had been planned for a few years. In total, we replaced 286 aging lights with 276 energy-efficient models. The total cost to upgrade our lighting was $54,610, but we’re receiving a rebate of $20,664 – more than a third of the total cost of the upgrade – from Kenergy, our energy supplier. In fact, Kenergy recently featured our lighting upgrade project in the company’s November 2013 newsletter.

Our upgraded lighting system is only one example of our company’s commitment to being environmentally friendly. In addition to the new lighting, we’ve replaced several older heating and cooling units with newer models, and we’ve upgraded some of our equipment, making our operations more energy efficient. All of these environmentally conscious efforts add up and lead the way to a more sustainable future at Pioneer Plastics.

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