Pioneer Plastics Celebrates Earth Day by Contributing Year Round

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd. Here, at Pioneer Plastics, we believe in celebrating and taking care of our planet year long. We take pride in working with green initiatives and honor the fact that we can work towards helping our environment one product at a time.

At Pioneer Plastics we live off of innovation. One of our most popular products is our Drink & Plate. This combination drink and plate holder allows party goers to hold onto both drink and food with just one hand. This leaves your opposing hand free to eat or drink with while standing, sitting, or moving around and talking to peers. Unlike traditional paper plates that are commonly used, we are happy to report that items like this are dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly. The Drink & Plate also makes cleanup a breeze.

Our qualified engineers can also construct customizable products to fit your needs. Over 35 years of experience gives us an edge in the plastics injection molding industry. We are able to take your ideas and transform them from prototype through production, creating the perfect piece for your project. With low set up costs, customer pricing, and short lead times, we can accommodate tight schedules, budgets, and environmentally friendly designs.

To go hand in hand with our April 22nd celebration and customization capabilities, our team is currently manufacturing hundreds of thousands of biodegradable lawn spike for one of our clients. Produced in boxes of a dozen pieces, these spikes are used for erosion control. They work great with the yard, dirt, and mesh covering to keep everything in place and under control throughout the process.

Beyond customization, Pioneer also offers a myriad of containers that are recyclable and reusable, helping to keep trash out of our landfills. Not only do our products help the environment, but they are cost effective. At Pioneer Plastics, we firmly believe in green initiatives and celebrating Earth Day year round. We invite you to contact us to find out how we can help your company go green today.

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