Pioneer Plastics is Also Embracing National Safety Month this June…

Join us this June in keeping workers safe.

Observed every June, National Safety Month brings attention to the leading causes of death and injury for our country’s workers. As a manufacturer of the highest quality injection molded plastic parts for a multitude of applications, Pioneer Plastics takes safety very seriously.

How to Make a Difference

At Pioneer, safety is always a top priority for our valued work force, no matter the month. However, the high profile of National Safety Month allows us to better spread awareness about safety issues such as jobsite procedures, defensive driving, care in the use of medication and prescription painkillers, first aid, and emergency preparedness awareness.

When it comes to workplace safety, Pioneer offers a product that goes a long way in preventing slips, trips, and falls. On factory floors, in warehouses and on construction sites, loose extension cords can be quite the safety hazard.

Our patented CordGrip product eliminates the problems of loose, dirty or tangled extension cords by ingeniously holding 150 foot of cord that can be connected to a belt, ladder, or hook, keeping it all off of the floor and out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile workers can access exactly the needed amount of cord from the male or female ends without untangling the entire cord.

CordGrip means safety, efficiency and convenience and we are proud to highlight this product for National Safety Month!

About Pioneer

In business for over 35 of years, Pioneer Plastics is the go-to place for custom injection molding, wholesale clear plastic boxes, diecast display cases, sports memorabilia display cases, and more. With all our tooling, parts, and assemblies made right here in the USA, we can take your project from concept to reality in surprisingly little time.

Contact us today at (800) 951-1551 to find out more. Also feel free to keep in touch by reading our blog, following us on Twitter, “liking” us on Facebook, or connecting on LinkedIn.

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