Package Your Holiday Gifts in the Perfect Containers From Pioneer Plastics!

After the passing of Halloween it’s clear that the American candy industry remains strong. We’re all still bringing our children’s trick-or-treat favors into the office, while trying our best to avoid that sweet candy binge. (Needless to say it’s been a hard effort). Sometimes it seems like there is nothing sweeter! Lucky for us, Pioneer Plastics provides us with the perfect containers to display the gorgeous and colorful wrappers of such delectable candy.

According to recent market research from the global confectionery industry, amongst the latest consumer trends is an increasing number of people giving candy and confectionery items as gifts this holiday seasonPioneerPlastics028C454f and beyond. Researchers also point out that candy sales represent $24 billion in business each year, with sales up 3% in 2015. We’re not mathematicians, but if you do the calculations… that’s a lot of candy!

One reason candy is so popular right now is because it’s the perfect holiday gift! Think about it… Candy is an ideal present for your holiday hosts as they welcome you into their home this season. It can be used as both an elegant gift or party favor, whichever end you are on. But how do you make the jellybeans, gum drops, syrupy caramels, or savory chocolate appropriate for the occasions? Why the presentation of course!

How stunning and sweet the holidays will be when you give a gift that’s perfectly packaged in clear plastic containers from Pioneer Plastics! In our experience, quality packaging can turn the ordinary gift into something extraordinary. At Pioneer, we feature clear plastic containers in both round and square shapes. The varying sizes give you plenty of options to create your perfect gift. Plastic inset lids keep candy as fresh as their original packaging and protect them from other household elements. If you choose to keep the candy in its original packaging our containers allow the vibrant colors to shine through… A decorative piece all in itself!

Another way to make this convenient gift more personal is by adding a touch of holiday flavor. Simply wrap a ribbon around the box and you’ve got the perfect gift for family members, friends and/or co-workers. PioneerPlastics Tray 251fSecret Santa anyone? Glitter is also a great way to spice up your package. That’s pretty sweet if you ask us!

Searching for other tips for your holiday parties? Don’t forget that we also offer plastic trays that can be used for organizing food and displaying yummy cupcakes, candy, and other sweet treats on your buffet tables.

Keep in mind that the plastic containers we manufacturer can serve many other purposes as well. Take a look at our website to see how Pioneer Plastics products are appreciated and used by collectors, retailers, lab techs, and just about every other industry personnel you can think of! Use them for a plethora of gifts this holiday season!

If you have any questions, we welcome your calls! You can reach us at 800-951-1551 or contact us through our website. We hope you enjoy our candy containers this upcoming season! From us to you, happy holidays from the Pioneer Plastics crew!

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