Multipurpose Clear Containers are Great for the Holidays!

174cMultipurpose clear plastic containers are a popular solution for holiday packaging, or even sending candy as gifts. Simple in design and often rather unobtrusive, a clear, plastic candy container can be a useful way to organize treats from candies and nuts, and these types of containers can be creatively used for both retail and personal consumer use.

If you’re a shopper, you’ve probably seen some of these clear containers at retail stores. Many shops use them to hold and display candies, and other small items. Not only are these containers rigid and self-supporting, but they also have great aesthetics.

Grocers and small business owners use multipurpose clear containers to hold confections, but, the main function of the containers is to showcase products—in this case, candy and nuts—so that customers can easily pick out what they want. Just like glass, the plastic is transparent, so it won’t take away from the visual appeal of viewing a spectrum of colorful sweets on display.

At home, these containers can serve an endless number of functions. They are an inexpensive and efficient way to store toiletries such as cotton balls and Q-tips, for example. The containers also easily store cosmetics, nail files, and other grooming tools. One of the biggest advantages of using a universal plastic container is that they can be cleaned and reused for an entirely different purpose in the home after serving their original function.—For example it may hold paper clips or later be used to contain disposable cutlery.

If you’re looking for an effective way to display candy this holiday season or just searching for an inexpensive way to store your personal items, consider a multipurpose, clear container. At Pioneer Plastics, two great containers we have are our 174C with a 24oz. capacity, as well as our 185C with a 66 oz. capacity. Made of sturdy, transparent plastic, these containers are built to withstand daily, heavy use without major damage. The containers come in a variety of sizes and can be customized or personalized. Best of all, they’re simple, easy to use, and virtually universal.


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