Insects, Lizards, and Plastics, Oh My!

Question: what do Pioneer Plastics, our high-quality injection molded plastic parts, and entomological sciences have in common?

Answer: a lot more than you think!

So what’s the connection? Our plastic cases are used throughout the country and the world by insect collectors, pet store owners, and some of the most prestigious researchers and laboratories on a daily basis.

caterpillar_on_basilCollecting and preserving insects is actually a highly common—and fascinating—hobby for many people. Both fun and fascinating, as a hobby, it attracts thousands each year. As a source of education, it provides an important look into so many species on earth, and their interactions with us and our world. Either way, whether for pleasure or for research, for the displaying of dead bugs or as a habitat for live ones, holding and preserving insects requires strong, sturdy, secure, aesthetically-pleasing containers, and this is where we come into play.

For ants and spiders, beetles and butterflies, even hermit crabs and various lizards, our plastic containers hold creatures large and small.

Therefore, we’re excited to bring our products—for which we are very proud—to researchers and hobbyists at the upcoming Entomology 2014 trade show—about which they are very passionate. At this 62nd annual event, occurring November 16-19 in Portland, Oregon, we’ll get to interact will over 3,200 people and display our containers to some of the globe’s biggest entomology enthusiasts and leaders.

The insects might be small, but the event and its importance are very large. We like to think that we are a small but important part of this, and look forward to meeting many new friends. Look for us at booth # 410!


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