Helping You Make Summer Parties Even Better

Summer is the unofficial celebratory season. It’s the time of the year when we shed our layers, head outside, and celebrate important and traditional occasions such as graduations,Drink & Plate Image 2 marriages, various sporting events, America’s birthday, and the simple act of being outside, and being there together. After a brutal winter chances are that this summer will be one for the record books.

When you’re hosting a summer party—whether organizing a tailgate or throwing a barbeque for friends and family—you want everything to be perfect. “Wowing” everyone is a fun bonus and Pioneer Plastics is just the place to help.

Today, we introduce to you the innovative “Drink & Plate.” The Drink & Plate is a convenient party plate with an attached cup holder that frees up your hands and impresses your guests by making every outdoor entertaining experience more enjoyable. Drink & Plate Happy Birthday Image
Think about it… How many times have you been to a party where you quickly grow irritated by the common struggle of juggling your plate in one hand and your drink in the other? Just when you think you’re being creative by using your lap as a table the ketchup and mustard get all over your nice clothes and shoes. We’re here to tell you to worry no more and let your irritations fly by the wayside! Our Drink & Plates take away the bothersome effort by allowing you and your guests to free up a hand and focus on the simple leisure in life of having a good time. (There is a reason that this funky and clever item is one of our best sellers).

The Drink & Plate comes in both family and party-size packs, and can be completely customized with any design or color that Drink & Plate Image 3suits your party needs. They’re also environmentally-friendly, dishwasher safe, and are remarkably economical.

Bottom line, at the end of the (summer) day, your celebration should be fun and easy; a lifestyle that our Drink & Plate products will surely contribute to. From now on, condiment accidents aside, your only worry will be what yummy options to serve on your new favorite party accessories. Let the cooking and party fun commence!

Learn more about these handy, helpful products here.

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