Good News for Our Beekeeping Clients

bee2As we head into spring, it’s a good time to give thanks to the unsung heroes of the season: honey bees. After all, honey bees contribute over $14 billion to the value of America’s crop production, crops that might not exist without bees.*

At Pioneer Plastics, we’re big fans of bees, of their delicious honey, and of the people who raise them. In fact, we have specific products that are used and counted on by beekeepers, people dedicated to producing honey. For a long time, our clear retail container for selling cut comb honey has been a popular item, and now there’s good news—we’re introducing a half-sized honey container (of the current model 156C), that will be available in the next few months.

This is a great benefit to bee people, who will now be able to sell smaller cut comb honey. The current, larger sized container is too large for some customers’ retail operations, and many who love the product have asked for a smaller version; we’ve listened to their requests and are answering their needs.

Now we can offer them this smaller size, making it more economical for their customers to purchase cut comb honey. With the smaller container, the scrap comb pieces will fit better and look nicer, and offer beekeepers the chance to sell more of their product. It’s a win/win for everyone!

You can view the original sized container here, and look forward to the half-sized version coming very soon. Until then, happy honey-making!



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