Gear Up for Next Month with Basketball and St. Patty’s Plastic Promotion Displays

The Two Big March Events that You Can’t Miss: College Basketball and Saint Patrick’s Day.

It’s dual-celebration time come March, whether you’re all about the Men’s NCAA March Madness  (the Women’s 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament is scheduled to play between March and April 2018, with the Final Four played Friday, March 30th and Sunday, April 1st) or you’re celebrating your Irish (or not so Irish) heritage come Saint Patty’s day on the 17th.

Prep for the epic basketball tournament by ordering your plastic display items now. Two of our hottest items this month: our plastic Sports Display Cases and 1-liter mugs.

Ensure you can make the most of all the hype and thrill that accompanies these events with these special products!

Promo Feature #1: Basketball Display Cases

With our sports display cases comes specific display options like our basketball display case. An in-store sports promotion can appeal to your customers’ love of basketball. Or, buy them for yourself! These items come two per case for that sports shrine you have in your office, “playroom,” or basement at home.

The attractive case is crafted from crystal clear plastic with beveled edges and a hardwood floor. This design makes the star ball look amazing, while simultaneously protecting it with an injection-molded construction, so your ball stays in great condition. Memorabilia never looked better than it does when put in this thoughtfully-design plastic case that is fit specifically for a basketball.

Pioneer Plastics’ display cases are great for athletic achievements, memorabilia, and are a standout choice for major sporting events like next month’s.


Promo Feature #2: 1-Liter Mugs

Promotional printed mugs are another ideal momentum for major sporting events and other important holidays and celebrations throughout the year. Although the NCAA has trademarked March Madness and the associated college teams, we can still offer customized basketball pendants of your choice. Not only are our customizable medallions a viable choice for sports, but Saint Patrick’s Day too!

Celebrate Ireland’s patron saint with custom-printed 1-liter mugs. They’re a hit on St. Patty’s Day, whether you choose the special translucent green version or the base option of clear plastic. Hey, the green beer will look great in this clear 1L mug! The medallion holder on the mug’s front or back provides ample room for a business name and/or general image and logo. Each mug is crafted of quality plastic, is both dishwasher and environmentally safe. It’s a win-win-win.


Customizable Options

Enjoy peace of mind that these plastic items are made by an experienced team with 35 years in the plastics injection molding sector. Pioneer Plastics is happy to customize items to your needs if a different option would better suit your needs.

Don’t forget to follow our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay up to date. Contact us as you read to place your order for top-quality plastic products for basketball championships, St. Patrick’s Day, and more today!

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