Forward Thinking: Pioneer Plastics’ Outlook for 2017

As 2016 has come to a close, our team sends heartfelt thanks to the customers and partners who continue to partner with and support Pioneer Plastics. We are proud of our 2016 accomplishments providing top-quality injection molded plastic parts with fast turnaround and excellent service, and we plan to continue doing so throughout 2017 and beyond.

Our Vision for 2017

With the start of the New Year here, it is a great time to unveil our plans at Pioneer Plastics for the year to come. Specifically, our focus on growth.

What stands behind this six-letter word is our plan to grow various aspects of the company. We hope to increase our customer base by expanding the amount of equipment and the type of equipment we use to design and manufacture plastic parts. Last but not least is our goal to hire more employees. More knowledgeable hands on deck leads to more customer satisfaction.

Why Make These Changes?

The purpose of this year-long plan for 2017 is to make internal changes that will encourage external success. For our privately-owned family company, the best interests of our existing and future customers are of primary importance, no matter what stage we are at in our improvement plan.

Pioneer Plastics will always keep you in the loop as updates occur, explaining how they benefit you, and *bonus* alterations will in no way interfere with your project deadlines. In fact, over time, you will likely see increases in the efficiency of plastic production, even for large batches, which we calculate will reduce delivery times to clients. The ability to provide you with plastics faster, without any compromise to their quality, is an integral part of what we visualize long term.

Excitement for The New Year

The year ahead holds many possibilities, and we look forward to seeing them all through. At Pioneer Plastics, we envision serving our client base as best we can and are enthusiastic about new developments throughout the year. A Happy New Year to you and yours. Cheers to a strong year ahead!

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