Plastic Injection Mold Design Facilities & Equipment

For over 35 years we have consistently expanded our capacity as a plastics manufacturer. We’re passionate about finding new technologies to streamline the plastics injection mold process, enhance plastics injection molding design, and improve plastics injection molded products. Our hopes are to enhance our customers productivity and profitability.


Pioneer operates under a 100,000 square foot facility. Most of our facility is less than 10 years old and operates with the finest and most up-to-date equipment – beyond what is available through other plastics companies. Our 40,000+ square foot distribution center is located just 20 miles from the #1 distribution site in America. Pioneer is also a plastic manufacturer creating packaging and display products such as display cases and wholesale plastic containers, along with consumer products such as our own extension cord holder. Our custom plastics injection molding services and custom plastic injection mold design capabilities make us a trusted plastics part manufacturer.


Pioneer’s facility is located in the heart of the Midwest just a few hours from Indianapolis, St. Louis, Louisville and Nashville. We have excellent access to all major transportation networks.


  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Lean Manufacturing Certified Employees
  • NSF – Food Service Approved


23 machines ranging from 110 tons to 990 tons

  • Husky 990 ton/225 ounce
  • Cincinnati 880 ton/140 ounce – 1000 ton platen size.
  • Cincinnati 850 ton/140 ounce – 1000 ton platen size.
  • Mitsubishi 610 ton/102 ounce
  • Cincinnati 500 ton/54 ounce
  • Cincinnati 450 ton/54ounce
  • Cincinnati 440 ton/54 ounce
  • Cincinnati 400 ton/54 ounce
  • Cincinnati 400 ton/47 ounce
  • Mitsubishi 390 ton/40 ounce
  • Toshiba 310 ton/30 ounce
  • Cincinnati 300 ton/29 ounce
  • Mitsubishi 270 ton/30 ounce
  • Sumitomo 242 ton/18 ounce
  • Sumitomo 176 ton/10.5 ounce
  • Sumitomo 143 ton/8.5 ounce
  • Sumitomo 110 ton/6 ounce
  • Nissei 150 ton/10.5 ounce
  • Cincinnati 450 Ton/54 ounce
  • Cincinnati 400 ton/54 ounce
  • Cincinnati 220 ton/17 ounce
  • VanDorn 75 / 5 ounce

Decorating and Assembly

  • 1000 watt ultrasonic welders
  • Vertical hot stamp machines
  • Horizontal roll-on hot stamp machines
  • Tampoprint pad printer
  • ZED 14” x 15” blister pack machine


  • ZMD 36” x 36” sheet-fed vacuum form machine


We know how important it is for a plastics injection molding company to let you see a part quickly in the development stage without the expense of building a tool. Pioneer can provide you with plastic prototypes in time frames that will meet or exceed your expectations and/or deadlines. SLS & SLA technology available.

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