Employee Training: Continuous Improvement for the Best in the Business

training_classAt Pioneer Plastics, we run our business with a true dedication to our set core values. These include everything from our commitment to customer service, to a true focus on continuous improvement throughout every aspect of what we do.

We believe that what truly makes our commitment to these values so successful is our employees. Their dedication (we’ve had little to no turnover in over 20 years), their sense of teamwork, their commitment to the customer—this is what makes us who we are. But perhaps one of the biggest reasons why they are so good at what they do is the continuous training and education they take part in, making them consistently better at their jobs and giving them a true leg up on the competition.

Typically in the past our team members have attended training seminars around the country, but this year, we’re doing something different. We are planning a customized, in-house training seminar with Paulson Plastics Academy. Using our own machines, our employees will participate in the Paulson ProMolder™ 1 course, which will enhance the processing skills of our younger injection molding technicians and truly set all participants ahead. It’s a significant investment that we believe will bring long term, invaluable benefits.

The Paulson ProMolder™ seminar teaches the scientific background of the molding process, and covers topics that include molding economics, machine operating controls, injection molding simulation, molded part defects, and more. The four day course concludes with a written exam and certifications of achievement and completion. Even more important than these certificates, though, is that at the end, each attendee will be that much more skilled and adept at their jobs, making them even better technicians than when they started.

We are proud to have some of the most loyal, hardworking, talented employees in the business, and are excited about the prospect of fostering their talents and seeing them become even better at what they do. We’re confident you, our customers, will also see the rewards that come from this.

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