Display your Treasures and Proudest Moments

bbal display caseIf you’re an accomplished sportsman or hobbyist with a growing collection of trophies, sports memorabilia, diecast, or toys, consider displaying them in an artfully designed plastic display case rather than cluttering your mantelpiece or packing them away. Trophies, awards and toys can be proudly displayed, and there’s no better way to do that than by giving them their own designated location. A display case is an excellent option for anyone who wants something low-maintenance, yet sturdy. Choosing the right one is a matter of your specific preferences.

To choose the best display case for your particular needs, one of the biggest considerations is the size and shape of your items. If you have an autographed basketball or football, you might try a basketball display case, which is great for storing basketballs, volleyballs, gloves, and footballs. You can also display your proudest moments with a golf ball display case and show off the “actual” ball that you hit your first hole-in-one! Display cases are manufactured in a number of different sizes, so finding one to suitably house your collection shouldn’t be a big challenge.

On the other hand, if you have collectibles like Diecast or NASCAR cars, or a bobblehead doll, you might consider a display case with different dimensions like a rectangular diecast case. For example, a 1:24 case is great for Nascars, and can be also be placed upright to be used as a bobblehead display case; a 1:18 scale diecast is a great Barbie display case. If your items contain a lot of detail in the back as well as the front, these types of cases could be the perfect way to allow you and your guests to appreciate a 360-degree presentation of your proudest distinctions.

A plastic display case will not only display your trophies and treasures, but also keep them protected so that they last for years, and perhaps even for generations. They’re durable, and will effectively shield your treasured items from getting dusty or smashed. Finally, most plastic display cases are as transparent as glass, making them a functional and practical replacement for a much more fragile material. To keep your trophies and treasures at their finest, a display case could be your best option.





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