Display Easter Goodies in Pioneer Plastics to Impress Your Loved Ones This Holiday!

PioneerPlastics279C068fImagine that it’s Easter morning and the entire family is eager to see what the Easter Bunny has put together for each member this year: the hard and soft candies, toys, small trinkets, and chocolate bunnies, what more could one ask for? Leave it to the experts at Pioneer to find out.

With this image in mind, think about the content that you use to put together the perfect Easter basket. The common items you work with listed above, some of us even going as far as to make up our beautiful baskets with deliciously homemade confections. But besides the basket, how are we supposed to contain it all?

If you’re looking for solutions to you Easter basket needs, consider candy containers from Pioneer Plastics. Just one look and you’ll understand why they are the ideal way to safely store, display, and transport treats with the most attractive presentation.

As small as they might be, Jelly Beans are hard to work with! When it comes down to it there are only a few options for adding them to an Easter basket, and let’s be honest, most are sloppy and tough to present. So what’s left? Often time we leave them in the original packaging, boxes that are boring in color and design, or (the bravest of us out there) leave them to fly loose in the basket. What a nightmare! But worry no more! Our containers give you another, and much more attractive, option to add sweets and treats to a gift, while making sure it still looks striking.

If you’re a gift giving pro, by now you know that many baskets tend to contain small toys for children, alongside the irresistible sugary candy. Die-cast cars, crayons, marbles, beads, and figurines appeal to both boys and girls. Place these novelty items in their own containers to make a nice looking gift that can be easily cleaned up and taken home. Giving a gift that doesn’t drive you crazy along the way is another win-win!

Our food-safe, plastic containers are available in such a large assortment of sizes and styles that we will have a container to fit your every need! Constructed from high quality, food grade polystyrene, containers are available in many forms, including: round, square, and other special shapes and sizes.

Remember that we have design and manufacturing capabilities to create custom shapes and colors so you can personalize your gifts to your liking.

Let Pioneer help make your Easter gifts special this year with clear containers, designed to stay efficient, but attract the naked eye. Those colorful candies, toys, ribbons and confetti are meant to be seen, so don’t hide them behind anything else! Contact us to find your perfect container today!

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