Custom Injection Molding Design & Manufacturing




Pioneer’s production process was created with simplification in mind. We believe every product should offer a user-friendly, intuitive design that can be carefully and professionally assembled with our streamlined cost-cutting process.

Your Benefits:

• Expert Product Design Guidance
• Prototyping and 3D Printing Capabilities
• Finalized Product Designed to Specifications

Your Savings:

• Labor Cost – Proper design saves money on production
• Mold Cost – We design it correctly the first time
• Time – Our process allows for a rapid turnaround which saves you money

Pioneer Responsibilities:

• Complex Mold / Part Design
• Expert Engineering
• Streamlined Prototyping and Production

Pioneer Plastics has 40 years of production experience. From Concept to Consumer, your needs are Pioneer’s priorities.

Our industry experts are more than capable of educating you on the design and manufacturing process so that you feel comfortable making the decision to move forward with custom molding.

If you’ve designed a part or product concept, but are unsure about your next steps, talk to Pioneer today for development and manufacturing advice. We will help you understand how to improve product usability, eliminate manufacturing costs, and ensure your product is the best designed lowest cost product in the market. We have served many clients in the packaging, lawn and gardening, and food industry. The injection molding process cost can vary depending on the project timeline and product intricacy. Pioneer’s expert injection molding team can turn your initial investment substantial profit with an expertly crafted prototype and final design.

Our Streamlined Process:

• Pioneer will design and build the mold at our in-house tool shop or partner with tool shops in the U.S. or overseas if we feel that it better fits your needs.
• We will produce and distribute your final part or product to your consumers.

Work With Us:

Pioneer Plastics will offer you substantial savings on money and time.
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