Contributing to the success and growth of MAPP

pioneer flag

Pioneer Plastics is proud to announce that we have received our 15-year Flag and Letter at the MAPP Annual Meeting in October! The 15-year Flag recognizes Pioneer’s continuous involvement with the MAPP organization since joining the group back in 1999.

MAPP (The Manufacturer’s Association for Plastic Processors, Inc.) was founded in 1997, and now serves over 280 member companies representing more than 125,000 employees.  As a national non-profit Trade Association for plastics manufacturers, MAPP provides its Members with access to the most powerful networking in the industry.  MAPP is driven by a Board of Directors made up of owners and presidents of leading plastics companies.  Having over 2,000 industry professionals involved in the organization provides a variety of channels to expedite solutions and build momentum for continued growth and development in areas that will positively impact the plastics industry – and support the Made in America cause.

Pioneer is proud to have contributed to the success and growth of the MAPP organization (and even prouder to say that all of our products are manufactured in the USA!)

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