College Basketball Fans and Sports Memorabilia Collectors are Getting Ready for March Basketball Tournaments…

It’s almost time for tournaments in the college basketball world, and we’re seeing the Kentucky Wildcats stealing the headlines in the media with their season-long winning streak still going strong (as of 1/19… and we hope we didn’t jinx anything by saying this!). Reporters and bloggers are predicting the Kentucky Wildcats will go all the way and win the championship game this year, and a post on says, “It seems very likely that we’re on our way to a Kentucky-Duke national championship game…” The Kentucky Wildcats most recently won the NCAA men’s basketball championship in 2012 and they were champions several times prior to that in the tournament’s 76-year history.

Whether a Kentucky-Duke championship comes to fruition or not, over the next several weeks we’ll be seeing and hearing more about basketball fans from all over the nation (and world) setting their “brackets” and following along with all the basketball “madness” ahead. In fact, now is a good time for college basketball fans to plan, revise and strategize their tournament brackets. An article about the current college basketball power rankings on says January “marks the dawn of a new season entirely — we speak, naturally, of conference play, where the scouting reports get more detailed, the competition gets more physical and several weeks of non-conference games have drawn a clearer line between contenders and pretenders.”

At Pioneer Plastics we recognize that basketball and all sports – baseball, football, soccer, etc. — are an important part of our American culture. Many of our customers are basketball fans and sports fans, in general. That’s why sports memorabilia display cases are among the many plastic products we manufacture for serious sports fans and all types of collectors. Both professional and casual collectors use our plastic display cases to protect their wares, including sports memorabilia and all types of game balls – not just basketballs. In fact, our premium basketball display case can fit and hold other sports balls and sports items, including footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseball gloves and sports hats. (Trust us: If you’re lucky enough to score a game ball from a championship game, you’re going to want to make sure it’s in a high-quality case to protect and display it proudly and properly! J)

With the tournaments right around the corner, we want to wish good luck to the Kentucky Wildcats – and good luck to all the teams in the NCAA tournament! We’ll be watching. That’s for sure!

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