Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Beer Mugs!

All the luck o’the Irish will be with you this year if you add our 1-liter mugs to your party goods list! Okay, maybe our mug isn’t a sure-fire lucky charm, but it will definitely make your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations a lot more fun.

Imagine hosting a St. Patty’s party at work or home. What’s a key ingredient on your shopping list? Beer! … or cider for the kids.

If it’s a traditional party with traditional Irish beers, you’ll want to showcase those beverages in the right way. Avoid those cans and Solo Cups that contribute to trash with creativity from the engineers at Pioneer Plastics. Enjoy the beer’s creamy head and rich body in the right way this St. Patrick’s Day.

In honor of the festivities, we offer the mugs you see below in a translucent green option — the logos are up to you, as they are customizable!

Fun fact: This holiday wasn’t always associated with the color green, but Ireland IS known as the Emerald Isle. Could this be the explanation for why St. Patrick’s is famously associate with that awesome traditional color?

To recap, a proper Irish St. Patty’s Day party will include two things:  beer and the color green. With our green 1-liter mug selection you have both covered (and save yourself the hassle of having to tint the beer before the party!). If you look forward to tinting the beer, our clear 1-liter mug would also be an ideal vessel for celebrating.

*FYI* the reusable mug also makes a great party favor so all of you guests can save some fun memorabilia from the day. And the medallion holder on the front and back gives you that space for the logos, brand names, or graphics of your choice.

Now we’re really in the mood to celebrate! On behalf of the Pioneer Plastics GREEN team, we wish you a happy St. Patty’s Day 2017!

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