Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Molding

You’ve worked hard, maybe for years, to invent a plastic product that will either increase efficiency or improve the user experience in some way.  So how do you take that next step? And after that, how do you take it from concept to consumer?  It can be a stressful process figuring out where to start. […]

Short-Run Production vs. Long-Run Production: What’s Right for Me?

Custom injection molding is one of the most versatile processes for creating plastic parts. From designing to producing, there are many decisions that play into the manufacturing process; one of those being short-run production vs. long-run production.  So, how do you know if short-run production vs. long-run production is best for your part? Short-Run Molding […]

Reshoring Injection Molding Services: What You Need To Know

Want to bring your custom injection molding back to the United States? Read on to learn more about bringing your supply chain back to the US. Questions to Ask: Do I own the molds? Check your agreement with your supplier. If not, a new mold will need to be built or that mold purchased from […]

Advantages of Custom Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the most versatile processes for creating a custom plastic part. There are many benefits to the process.  Strength & Stability The injection molding process offers numerous ways to ensure parts are strong and durable. Wall thickness, ribs (for support), and plastic material selection are just a few options. Thicker walls […]

Additional Services Utilized Along with Custom Injection Molding

Having additional services for injection molding allows you to customize your plastic part in many different ways. If you want to achieve characteristics like specific colors or textures, one of these processes may be used.  Decoration In-Mold Labeling The term “in-mold labeling” is directly derived from the technique, where a preprinted polypropylene (PP) label is […]

What Drives the Cost of Custom Injection Molding?

No two custom injection molding projects are the same, so working with someone that understands all the aspects of part design and manufacturing is important.   Here’s a breakdown of injection molding cost: Prototyping You might want to test your concept with a prototype to make sure that it fits and functions well. The cost of […]

Injection Molding With High Heat Resins

Temperature plays a huge role in the custom injection molding process– even helping to determine the type of resin the part is made from.  Resins that are specifically made for high temperatures contain properties that set them apart from other resins, making them ideal for parts that need to withstand extreme heat.  High Heat Most […]

Complex Molding Techniques For Complex Parts

Injection molding is perhaps the most versatile process for creating custom plastic parts. By utilizing the complex molds involved in this process, manufacturers can create intricate parts in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes.  Everything from small buttons to washing machine tubs can be created through this molding techniques. Custom molds are made […]

Injection Molding: Your Questions Answered

If you have an idea for a custom plastic part, you may have a lot of questions about the manufacturing process. Injection molding is a time-efficient and cost-efficient way to achieve the quality part you need.  Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about custom injection molding:  How do you know […]

Insert Molding vs. Overmolding: What’s the Difference?

The custom injection molding process starts with a conceptualized design and ends with a uniquely manufactured product.  If your product needs to be aesthetically pleasing or ergonomically friendly, injection molding techniques like insert molding or overmolding might be used to achieve those needs.  It might be difficult to figure out which process is best for […]

Injection Molding Defects and How to Avoid Them

Just like the design of the part, the mold design & manufacturing process is important to the integrity and function of the part. If not executed properly, the injection molding process can cause cosmetic defects and form defects, sometimes compromising the safety and performance of the product. With that in mind, be sure that your […]

When Designing Custom Plastic Parts, Fit And Function are Important

When designing your plastic part, it’s crucial to consider what the part’s fit and function will be.  First and foremost, the function of the product will affect the fit and form of the plastic part in almost every case. So as you draw out your design, make sure you’re cognizant of its fundamental usage. The […]