These Containers Are Really Sweet!

If you are looking for an easy and attractive way to showcase sweet treats in your store, check out these containers. The cut comb honey containers are conveniently available in 3 sizes – 14 oz11.5 oz, and 9 oz – and they are special for a number of reasons.

Superior Materials and Construction

Cut Comb Honey Container

Cut Comb Honey Container

Firstly, each container is made of high-quality, food-grade polystyrene. Along with superior materials, we use custom injection molding to form the square shapes, with the biggest one holding an impressive 14 oz.

Each clear plastic part has an insert lid too, which protects the yummy bites inside. It is also made of polystyrene that the FDA has deemed safe to use in contact with food.

Did we mention they are sustainable, too? The lightweight, resource-efficient parts reduce waste and use less energy. These attributes make them great for packaging purposes.

High Functionality

The cut comb honey containers are multifunctional. Uses include honey packaging, holding candy and nuts, and storing dried fruit.

Your eatery’s displays will look amazing with these bulk containers – get a range of sizes to add visual interest throughout the store as you fill them various delicious treats! The edibles will look even more appetizing in these containers. Plus, the see-through plastic (lid included) won’t prevent customers from seeing what’s inside, whether you have a candy store, bakery, ice cream shop, or other type of eating establishment.

The attractive containers also are perfect for packaging candy and other foods. They can provide useful kitchen storage, too. Outside of consumables, the injection molded plastic containers can make life easier for those in science and education research, holding lab supplies, entomology laboratories, and in projects within the agriculture and research field.

Plastic Injecting is What We Do

At Pioneer Plastics, we specialize in top-quality injection molding of plastic parts and products, providing them in bulk to any industry. Contact us now to learn more about how cut comb honey containers can meet your food, laboratory, research or other needs. Also connect with us on our blogTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about how to sweeten your projects with our reliable offerings.

Bee-Friendly Business: Save the Bees and Keep Honey Production Flowing

Bees are an important insect vital to ecosystems throughout the world. They help to pollinate, to spread plants and ensure their wellbeing, and contribute to both honey and humans. Unfortunately, bees face more and more dangers every year, with scientists noting a decline in their population from pesticides, colony collapse, and more.

Quick Facts about Bees

  • Less than 50 percent of bees can sting – males don’t have stingers
  • The majority of bees don’t live in hives, instead preferring nests in the ground or trees
  • There are seven families of bees, along with over 20,000 distinct species
  • Bees pollinate roughly 75% of the world’s crops

Saving the Bees

The good news is that everyone can chip in when it comes to saving the current bee population, on a small and/or larger scale.

  • Read your Pesticides – The toxic neonicotinoid pesticides are some of the deadliest to bees that are available, so avoid using them. Look for alternatives, including more natural defenses against specific pest and insects. These are banned in Europe, but are still used in Canada and the United States.
  • Plant Bee-Friendly Plants – Native flowers with large blooms, herbs, and heirloom plants are favorites of bees – plant a variety of them around your house.
  • Give Them a Home – Create a bee-friendly habitat away from your home and places where you and your loved ones play and work. By creating an area for the bees, you can help your family be safe by providing a nesting area in a low-traffic place while giving the bees a safe place too.
Honey Comb Container Image 1

Pioneer Plastics and the Bee Industry

Here at Pioneer Plastics, we develop containers for one of the most valuable products that bees give us: honey. Honey is a great product, useful for everything from a sugar and food source, to salves, to soaps, even as an alcohol product known as mead when fermented. So not only does the humble bee pollinate and produce honey, but it also creates job opportunities.

Take a look at our various Cut Comb Honey Box and Containers that hold up to 9-14oz. These convenient high quality, food grade polystyrene holders can be used for honey packaging, candy, nuts, dried fruit, food services, food packaging, candy packaging, sustainable packaging, kitchen and food storage, science and education research, lab supplies, entomology laboratories or agriculture and research. They can also be used as a useful addition to candy stores, ice cream shops, bakeries, and other eatery displays.

Please join us here at Pioneer Plastics in creating a bee-friendly environment and helping to bring these important insects back from their decline. What they provide makes them an invaluable resource to our society.